Round 2 British GT Nurburgring, Germany 2012

Predator CCTV Racing headed to the Nurburgring in Germany with their Ferrari Scuderia GT3 for two, one hour races last weekend.


Free practice and all was looking well, despite winning 4 races previously at the Nurburgring it had been a while since I last raced there 7 years previous so I did a short run of 10 laps to remember which way the circuit went and on old tyres was running comfortably in the top 6, Phil Burton took over who never having driven the circuit before was planning to complete the hour session, however after 10 laps as he approached the first corner the Ferrari wouldn’t change down the gears and broke down at the first corner leaving the team to watch helplessly for the rest of the 2 hour session, until the car was brought back to the pits.


The GWMotorsport crew quickly found the problem a tiny 1mm shard of steel, presumably from a dog ring had lodged it’s self in the gear selector drum locking it up solid, this was removed, all gears stripped and checked and put back together for Qualifying.

Phil Burton would qualify the car for Race 1, and not really knowing the circuit did a good job to be only 4 seconds off Pole Position but still way down the order in 19th position.

I really thought I would be in with a good chance of a top 5 qualifying position even with only 10 laps of the circuit myself but it was not to be, the gear shift wasn’t perfect and was taking a long time to shift up to 4th and 5th gear. So the best I could manage was also a lowly and worst ever 19th place.

The team once again completely stripped the gearbox, this time replacing all the gears and dog rings with new ones, it should be working like clockwork for race 1 and hopefully we can climb up the order.


For Race 1 Phil Burton took the start and after 2 or 3 laps it was clear that the Ferrari was still having gear selection issues, and eventually on lap 5 Phil came back to the pits and parked the car as it became stook in 4th gear.

Again the team managed to strip the car and by 2am in the morning the car was once again, surely this time fixed !….

Saturday morning, and I was going to start Race 2, on the green flag lap the car was fine, up and down the gearbox no problem, as I approached  the start line the lights went green and I pressed the paddle for 3rd gear but it was this time stook in 2nd gear and wouldn’t change so I had to crawl around for one slow lap back to the pits the end of a very disappointing weekend,

It seems as though on top of the gearbox problems we also have a selector fault, the GMWotorsport team are replacing every sensor on the gearbox and new actuators ahead of the next races at Rockingham on 9/10th June so hopefully we can get the Predator Ferrari back up the front where it belongs and start racing again !


To view more images from the Nurburgring please CLICK HERE

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