Round 3 British GT Rockingham Speedway

Predator CCTV Racing competed at round 3 of the British GT Championship at Rockingham Speedway with their Ferrari Scuderia GT3 for a two hour endurance race.

“We completed a shakedown of the car at Mallory Park so we were confident it wouldn’t have any of the gearbox issues that we had at the Nurburgring in Germany last month, however as the team did a warm up of the engine before the first free practice session at Rockingham, despite working perfectly back the the Gerry Wainwright Motorsport workshop the car had developed a misfire, which later turned out to be a coil pack but meaning the team would miss the first free practice session”.


For free practice 2 the car ran well and the team set about finding a good setup for Qualifying, and Phil getting some laps in the car.

” Qualifying for the two hour race was a single 30 minute session and the plan was I go out on new tyres but with quite a lot of fuel on board and set a time, come in hand over to Phil who would complete his mandatory 3 flying laps and then get back on board for an all out low fuel new tyre run, I came in after the first run and was P6 however once we tried to remove the wheels the right hand front wheel nut had become somehow locked on and despite lots of effort wouldn’t budge so I had to take to the circuit with only 3 new tyres and one tyre that had now done about 9 or 10 laps and running out of track time fast, I managed only 2 flying laps in traffic then the flag dropped and we ended up a disappointing 18th and I felt I could have managed a top 6 with better circumstances”.

“Sunday morning warm up and Phil was bedding in his race tyres ready for the first race stint, came in to pit and I got on board to do the same with just enough time to complete 1 flying lap and managed to set a time 0.5s faster than my qualifying time and ended the session fastest overall in P1 so we were feeling confident we could make our way up the order in the race after the difficulties we had in Qualifying”.


Phil Burton would take the start of the two hour race, and was setting some good lap times and running in P12 until a big accident involving the Beechdean Aston Martin brought out the Safety car and with the Predator Ferrari using a 100 litres of fuel an hour we couldn’t enjoy the early pit stops the other cars were able to enjoy and had to stay out longer until 55 minutes to pit, re-fuel change tyres and I would climb on board to finish the race, but it did mean that Phil would take the lead of the race at the 60 minutes mark so at least the Predator was once again back in the lead of a British GT race… all be it briefly.

“When I took to the track I noticed the brakes were already starting to fade and was really struggling in the 2nd turn stopping from maximum speed but still I was able to lap reasonably quickly and over took a few cars to jump up to P10 and was gaining on those just in front but just letting the car settle down and saving the brakes and tyres for a real push towards the end of the race, however as I exited the chicane with about 25 minutes the cars drive shaft broke and that would be the end of what was a very frustrating race weekend, I feel we if we had made it to the end we would have eventually been much higher up the order as lots of cars were stuggling with tyres and ours would have been relatively OK”.


For more images from Rockingham please CLICK HERE

The next British GT race is at Brands Hatch on 23/24th June.

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