British GT Brands Hatch, June 2012 Race Report

The British GT Headed to Brands Hatch for a 2hr event on 23rd June 2012.


Free Practice:

A circuit I was looking forward too, as I knew it would be a good circuit for the Ferrari Scuderia, should it manage to behave itself, however me and Phil only managed a handful of laps each and the gearbox selector drum failed sending parts into the freshly rebuild gearbox bascially destroying every gear in there and locking the back wheels bringing the car to a halt on circuit.

The team recovered the car and worked non stop using what parts we had available, by the time the car was operational again it was Sunday with about 15 mins to go before the race.



Phil Burton would take the start and the plan was he would run up to 55 minutes then come in and hand over to me, however after making up several places on his first lap he was hit up the rear and sent smashing into the Barrier damaging the rear bumper, breaking both right hand wheels and tyres and the front bumper, splitter and rear diffuser.

Whilst the team we working on the car I noticed that Phil was having some problem with his hand so went to see what was the problem, and his thumb had become dislocated in the accident, so if true never give in style I popped it back in and he went back out on his way, albeit now 3 laps down due to the work on the car.

Click here to watch the Thumb Operation ! ( NOTE: Don’t watch if your Sqeemish !! ).

Phil managed to get to the end of his stint and came into hand over to me, as I took to the circuit he headed for the Ambulance, I was impressed he managed to drive almost an hour like that.

The car wasn’t at it’s peak performance due to the missing splitter and diffuser I had two old tyres on the right hand side as phil has used up my new ones during his pit stop but at keat the gearbox working and I was able to be lapping only 1.5s slower than the leader and climbed up to 12th place at the finish.

Phil is undergoing scans on his hand and hopefully will be all fixed ready for Snetterton in 4 weeks time, we haven’t had the best season so far but hopefully we can turn it around for the last 3 events of the year.

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