British GT Silverstone 8/9th September

The British GT Headed to Silverstone for the longest race of the season a 3hr endurance race on the GP circuit.

A record of 33 GT cars entered the race and the with 26 degrees sunshine it turned out to be a very popular race.

The Predator CCTV Ferrari was working well in Free Practice but and whilst running 1 second faster than ever going before on the circuit, we were still some way off the ultimate pace and would only qualify in 21st Position for the race.


For the race start Phil Burton would take the first stint with the team planning 3 pit stops with re-fuelling and new tyres to be fitted in each stop as well as a drive change in stop it was sure to be a busy race, the first stint went well for Phil and he was soon up to 17th before coming in after 40 minutes to hand the car over to me, I managed to make a little progress and after 1 hr 30 mins we were now up to 14th position, the car was handling really well and JMH Automotive had done a fantastic job with getting the car reliable but I just didn’t have the ultimate pace of the leaders but we just pressed on.

I came into pit and hand over to Phil Burton again, with another super slick pit stop we rejoined still in 14th place and gaining slightly on the cars in front however an oil line split and Phil had to pull off the circuit to extinguish a small fire rendering the car out of the race with still 1 hour to run.


I think a top 10 was on the cards so we were all disappointed to not to carry onto the finish.

For some images from the race please click here

The next race is on 29/30th September at Donington Park for another endurance race this time 2 hours.

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