British GT Donington Park 29/30th September 2012

The final round of the 2012 Championship for the Predator CCTV Racing Team would be a little bit like the whole season, disappointing.

Once again the gremlins that plagued the Ferrari Scuderia GT3 throughout the season decided to show themselves the day before the race weekend, with the JMH Automotive crew working hard to find and fix and electrical fault which seemed to somehow keep frying the engine ECU’s and wiring looms but with no avail.

A sad end to a difficult season as it meant we would miss the last race of the year, ironically it would have been our best circuit in terms of race pace, I think it’s safe to say the Ferrari Scuderia has seen it’s day in GT3 racing and the future is in the hands of the latest generation of GT3 cars.

A massive thank you to Phil Burton and both GWM Motorsport and JMH Automotive for their hard work and efforts this season, and also all our Sponsors and supporters.

I hope to see you all again in the 2013 British GT Championship.

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