British GT Donington 2013

For the final round of the series myself and co-driver of 10 years Phil Burton raced with the Factory Aston Martin Racing Team in an Aston Martin Vantage GT3

20131009-111217 AM.jpg

Having only completed a handful of laps before qualifying I was keen to get my head down and get us up the grid, however I had a few problems with the dash board and being new to the car couldn’t reset in time so would end up 20th on the grid for the race.

Phil Burton took the start, and it was clear early on the Aston wasn’t running to it’s full performance ( the data showed after the race that we only had 11 cylinders instead of the full V12 power ) but we soldiered on.

Phil came into pit and that didn’t go quite to plan either a small fire and then I got fire extinguished in my eyes just before my stint… Click HERE to watch pitstop incident

My eyes were stinging more than a little but I got my head down and carried on, my fastest lap was only 0.8s slower than the other Aston Martin that won the championships fastest lap, which was good considering I had a 1/12th less power I’m sure that equates to more than 0.8s.

Click HERE to watch some onboard footage

I really enjoyed working with AMR and driving the Aston Martin even with a few dramas it was still a pleasure to drive.

20131009-112121 AM.jpg

20131009-112154 AM.jpg

20131009-112210 AM.jpg

20131009-112227 AM.jpg

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