HUD Motorsports testing

It’s been great to be back on the race circuit recently with HUD Motorsports testing some cars ahead of of our 2016 GT Racing campaign.

We tested a host of cars that we felt would have been competitive for a GT Racing series first we tried the Praga R4S at Snetterton last time I drove this car was back in 2011 in Slovakia when it was first launched and it had the RPE V8 engine fitted and around 500+ Bhp. 

However after a few installation problems the car has since gone to a Nissan VQ 3.8 engine with around 420 Bhp, a cracking car to drive with huge amounts of Aero but I did feel it lacked the power of the old V8 motor.

CLICK HERE to see Praga onboard footage


Next up on the list was the Audi R8 LMS GT3 car which I am no stranger to having worked as team manager and race engineer to a British GT team on and off since 2013.

The Audi was surprisingly easy to drive, felt just like a powerful road car and had the smoothness and drivability of well…an Audi !

Loads of power from the V10 5.2 Litre engine that it shares with the Lamborghini Gallardo and even on old tyres and well used brakes was very stable and offered good grip levels through the corners, could be a contender…

CLICK HERE to see Audi On Board footage 



And then we tried something completely different an Aquilla CR1 LS7 which looks and feels more like a LMP car than it does a GT with this particular car running 750+ Bhp and weighing in at 900Kg was sure to be fast.

The car was like a missile on the straights and with its lightweight and huge aero dynamics was amazing in the braking zones and cornered like on rails, however to run this car in some GT series we would need to restrict the power hugely or add arround 400kg of ballast to adhere to the rules.

CLICK HERE to see Aquilla onboard footage



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